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News: Radio interviews for Gears’ People of the Thunder

January 27, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear’s continue radio interviews for People of the Thunder!

Full schedule below.

Here again is the online video filmed on-location in Moundville, AL (during the annual Moundville Native American Festival), exactly where People of the Thunder takes place:

History trivia: American kids are taught European history, but few of them know much about America’s prehistory: Moundville, AL was the largest city in North America in the 1300s.
The largest cities in England and France in the 1300s? London and Paris, respectively.

Radio Interview Schedule:

Thursday, January 15th
Market: National
Station: Talkstar Radio Network
Format: Talk Radio
Show: For the People
L/T: Live

Friday, January 16th
Market: OH
Station: WDOH-FM
Format: Talk Radio
L/T: Live

Friday, January 23rd
Market: St. Louis
Station: KWRE-AM
Format: Classic Country
Show: Mike Thomas Show
L/T: Live

Monday, January 26th
Market: Salt Lake City
Station: KVEL-AM
Format: News-Talk
Show: Lincoln Brown
L/T: Tape

Tuesday, January 27th
Market: Minneapolis
Station: KBEM-FM
Format: NPR
Show: Ed Jones
L/T: Tape

Wednesday, January 28th

Market: New York
Station: Hudson Valley Radio Network
Format: News-Talk
Show: Good Morn Hudson Valley
L/T: Tape

Market: Atlanta
Station: WDUN-AM
Format: Talk
Show: WDUN Morn News
L/T: Live

Market: Abilene, TX
Station: KXYL-AM
Format: News-Talk
Show: James Williams
L/T: Live

Market: Milwaukee
Station: WMOV-AM
Format: News-Talk
Show: Morning Show
L/T: Live

Market: Minneapolis
Station: WYRQ-FM
Format: Country
Show: Mornings With Al
L/T: Live

Market: Cleveland
Station: WEOL-AM
Format: News-Talk
Show: Larry Wright Show
L/T: Tape

Market: New Haven, CT
Station: WICC-AM
Format: Talk
Show: The Exchange
L/T: Live

Market: Grand Rapids, MI
Station: WGVU-FM
Format: NPR
Show: Shelley Irwin
L/T: Live

Market: Tampa
Station: WTTB-AM
Format: Talk
Show: American Perspective
L/T: Live

Market: Roanoke, VA
Station: WAMV-AM
Format: Talk
Show: WAMV Mornings
L/T: Live

Friday, January 29th
Market: Gainesville
Station: WOCA-AM
Format: Talk
Show: Larry Whitler
L/T: Live

Tuesday, February 29th
Market: Boston
Station: WSBS-AM
Format: News-Talk
Show: Dave Winchester
L/T: Live

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